Let's talk...

All new patient appointments begin with a complimentary 15-minute phone conversation so we can better understand your unique needs and concerns.

Before Your First Visit

Your first visit to Oasis begins with a pre-screening via phone to discuss your concerns and determine if we can help.  Labs will be completed to help us evaluate you fully at your first visit.  Labs must be completed and received before your first visit. 

Initial Appointment

At your visit, you will meet with Dr. Valle to perform a 360 degree interview of mental, physical, emotional issues related to your female sexual concerns.  A physical exam will be performed.  An integrative treatment plan will be created.

Developing A Treatment Plan

We provide appropriate evidence based supplement counseling, heart rate variability education and neurobiofeedback when appropriate.  Medications will be prescribed if absolutely necessary and appropriate.  In the near future, we plan to provide Healing Touch Therapy and Group Counseling sessions.  We work with a network of providers to create a holistic treatment plan that you are comfortable with such as:  integrative primary care physicians, acupuncturists, manual physical therapists, massage and craniosacral therapists, herbalists, compounding pharmacist, hypnotherapist, nutritionist, sexual relationship therapists, and marriage and family therapists.