Imagine a healthcare environment that welcomes you into a personalized, inviting experience. Where sexual function concerns are openly discussed and not dismissed.  A place where the interconnectedness of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual elements are recognized and addressed in the context of sexual dysfunction concerns. 

Our Mission

To provide superb, personalized care of female sexual dysfunction concerns in a sacred and healing environment with an integrative and holistic approach.  

Why Oasis WSFC?

Dr. Lisa Valle started the center because she saw a need that was not being fulfilled- women’s sexual concerns were frequently not being addressed by their physicians.

Oasis Women's Sexual Function Center utilizes evidence based integrative gynecology treatments with traditional Western medicine to provide comprehensive consultations sub-specializing in female sexual function concerns.  There are many factors that can affect sexual health, and the Center strives to take a holistic approach and provide the most comprehensive consultative practice possible in order to optimize the care and well-being of each patient.

Depending on a patient's condition, we create a treatment plan as well as network closely with a preselected team of health specialists such as acupuncturists, herbalists, manual pelvic floor physical therapists, massage and craniosacral therapists, compounding pharmacists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, functional medicine practitioners, life and wellness coaches, integrative nutritionists, psychologists specializing in pain and stress management, sexual relationship therapists, and marriage and family therapists.