It's not just in your head



Do you suffer from:

  • Sexual pain that is sharp, itchy,  burning, irritating, or overall uncomfortable?
  • Decreased sex drive?
  • Inability or difficulty achieving orgasm?
  • No interest in sexual activity?
  • Avoidance of sexual activity with your partner?
  • Lack of interest or discomfort when being touched?
  • Inability to become aroused?
  • Lack of lubrication or delayed lubrication?
  • Pain associated with genitals, aside from sexual activity?
  • Persistent and unwanted genital arousal?
  • Orgasms that are weak, short in duration, dull, and unfulfilling?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, let's talk.

At Oasis Women's Sexual Function Center, we believe that every adult woman, regardless of age, has the right to a fulfilling, pain-free and vibrant sex life. Enjoying sex is not just for men. There are countless women who struggle with issues involving pain during sex,  libido issues, desire or arousal affecting their relationships. Sometimes sex is not always pleasurable and we are here to help change that experience. 

Many women are told that they are physically healthy and normal and that their lack of sexual enjoyment is based solely on psychological issues.   We believe that many issues involving sexual dysfunction are multifaceted and require an integrated and holistic approach to address psychological, medical, and emotional components.

At Oasis Women's Sexual Function Center, we will help find solutions for you to have a happy, fulfilling sex life.  


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